Born and raised in the tough backstreets of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Byker district, John Urwin came from a disadvantaged background. THE SIXTEEN, by JOHN URWIN: Every individual SPECOPS operator, whether from a military, law enforcement or intelligence agency background, needs to be . John Urwin wrote the following in an email to me, just a few days ago: UK special forces operative (about which I have written a book namely ‘The Sixteen’).

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The Sixteen by John Urwin –

Mark Jones Director of Operations A qualified engineer with experience in both industrial processes and high tech manufacturing systems, Mark has an interest in covert intelligence. Sixten are the Illuminati. Part of the sixteen.

You see, because we disappeared in an ordinary regiment. Started by Bagl0ck Today at Off course the reason is that members of “The Sixteen” only had to kill that guy on the photo and also didn’t knew who it was. Purchase Tickets Support our work by purchasing tickets for various conferences we offer.

Came across these flying saucers. RoofRat LE 17 Nov What if I came with a camera.


The `Sixteen` by John Urwin

Is that through contacts? ViolentBadger LE 18 Nov Machine guns were simply not needed. I have no idea at all. How can I put it? You just take their word for it.

The Sixteen – John Urwin

Going out and buying guns, Kerry, and learning how to shoot a target, is not going to get you anywhere. This weapon can just literally cut you to smithereens within seconds. I can take two or three people out. What does the false sixtefn operation serve, in your view? There are many ways you can support our work and mission.

This is the real deal I have witnessed some of the techniques described in the book and they are mind blowing. He stands at this end of the hall, okay?

What, do you, so your mental abilities. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. So you had eight people who was in various different parts of the Middle East. You tje to see it. We never punched anybody. Design Concept by CosmicHeartBeat.

When did National Service finish,how old would he be now,and no insult intended but since when has the Pioneer Corps,been a recruiting ground for the Thhe Wonderful ,and it would seem that a “Geordie 18”,is a member of his club? Well all of these skills I acquired from The Sixteen.


No, no, no, no, no. The machine is a method of combat that is as far as Iam aware unique to this group and it can and was used as a method for instinctive shooting of any weapon ref post on use of machine guns The vaugeness surrounding the missions was intentional and honest as they were given only enough information to target their objective. Johm was just an ordinary working lad. The tears are rolling down my face,and my sides are hurting.

It was part of a strategy to get thousands of different races into this country to destroy the British way of life. Reviews Latest reviews Search reviews.