The JoshStrength Method, Southlake, Texas. K likes. Expert Personal Training: In-Person / One-on-One – Online Training Contact Us to find out. The Josh Strength Method. I went to the CPU Nationals last week, I went to spectate and to get a feel of how meets are run. It seem like alot of. the joshstrength method revealed ?m=PD&cid=&pid= PM – 9 Mar 1 Retweet; Larry.

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About JoshStrength

Week 8 Day 4 x2 x2 x3x5 90 Seconds Rest. It was all set. Despite still having hamstring issues up to the meet, I was feeling pretty confident I could put up some descent numbers without feeling embarrassed. That takes it toll on your body, especially the lower extremities. On top of that, he set up a phone consultation.

Josh Bryant has countless dudes putting up huge numbers. Using the same weight for 3 weeks, bust it jishstrength for a couple sets of triples or doubles. I still had to moshstrength for Deadlift.

About Josh Strength

We planned it out. It seem like alot of the raw lifters used a high frequency training program, such as shieko. His Ebook is good but if you have the cash I definitly advise on hiring him!

Felt like depth was decent. My iPod was stupid and died while it was plugged in to charge. The heaviest squat I achieved in training with the SSB was lbs two weeks before the meet I set my goals for a squat, bench, and deadlift. It was a good place to start. This dude is serious.

Josh Bryant is a great trainer. I think I’m going to run something similar to this after my meet whether I hire josh or not. The Reps killed me like always. The program is designed for people who are committed to their goals and following the program exactly. I know some people do this, so it’s not like a big secret. As we set off, I was feeling pretty good about the programming and definitely seeing some strength gains.


I always had the two separate.

However, it is not a cookie cutter program or a template that he just gives you and says good luck. I also need to work on my depth over the next 12 weeks. Let me tell you about the joshstreength and you can decide if you joshsrtength a meghod fit. I’m sure it is subject to change 4 day split. I average about miles a week. I adjusted my 3rd attempt from because I didn’t move my second attempt as fast joshstrenvth I had hoped. I slightly tore my hamstring up high in the proximal area. Josh Barnet view on BBing and Combat sprots.

Heavy Squats and Heavy Deadlifts on the same day. My upper back starts to round over the more reps I do. The online training is for serious inquiries only. My hamstring was not going to take it. I’m Joshstrentth how im going to pregress going forward into week two definatly more deadlift volume joshstrengtn I’m used to, which is fine maybe my hands will learn to stop being such bitches and stop hurting, After the Deads my hands were pretty much done, I got some good deadlift work in, Even though I didnt do the Squats that I was supposed to do to warm up with.

So, obviously I went to his website. Despite several therapy modalities, the only real answer was to lay off it. I still got some good work in wish I had straps for after cause after the deadlifts joshatrength grip became the major issue, could worked up higher with the shurgs and the rows. I haven’t worked that hard on a Bench day, ever. Speed work for all the main lifts, but, not like the typical Westside style of having a specific day just for them.


I hit a bench quite slowly. I’m finally starting to get why people enjoy benching so much. I had a few prospects of who I might look into to hire for my programming, but one day I was looking through the Jailhouse Strong Instagram page and Noshstrength decided I didn’t need to look any further.

I was already really familiar with Josh, having followed him on Elitefts as well as purchasing his book ” Built to the Hilt “. It all started in August of Josh and I discussed openers and what was realistic for my third attempts. I also do realise that I did day 4 before day 3 since I wouldnt have been get the work in for day 4 this weekend since day joshstrenfth is less volume i did it first. I wanted to be really successful and put up some big numbers, but I didn’t really want to have to worry about my programming.

I hired him and working with him currently.

Instead of saying “Of course! Deadlift still sucked, but I had to do them. Deadlift was a rollercoaster. No, Josh dishes out the program one week at a time and wants your feedback on it.

Josh did a great job modifying the training to work around it. Video will be up once i figure out the best format for youtube for my camcorder. Also my knees are coming more forward than I’d like.