U-shaped elements fitted through the furnace roof and vertically suspended in the furnace should be considered as the standard design for a Kanthal Super. This booklet contains basic technical data for our resistance heating alloys KANTHAL and NIKROTHAL for the appliance industry. We have also included some. Precision Technology. Handbook. KANTHAL. KANTHAL AB. P O Box SE- 27 Hallstahammar, Sweden. Telephone: +46 Telefax: +46

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Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire 16 Gauge

Copyright by Kanthal AB. May be reproduced only with proper acknowledgement of the source.

Printed in Sweden by Primatryck, It is not to be understood as permission or recommendation to practice a pat-ented invention without a license and the user should determine weather relevant patent exist. This is particularly important for thin wire NiCr alloys are heavily attacked under such conditions.


The result is that in a great number of applications, substantial savings The main applications are in high current elecirical rsistances, heating cables, electric blankets, fuses, resistors but they are also used in many other applications.

Kanthal Appliance Alloys Handbook 15 3. These alloys possess the optimum properties for high performance at elevated temperatures and in other adverse conditions where reliability and quality is of paramount consideration. Thin Wide Strip Wide and very thin strip has been intro-duced as an alternative to flattened wire, ribbon, to offer a wider choice of widths than what can be offered via wire flatten-ing.

Kanthal has the ability to supply thin wide resistancestrip in the thickness range 0,04 to 0,1 mm in widths up to mm produced through rolling and slitting to dimension. For a material with very high surface Design Factors Operating Life Oxidation properties The life of the rsistance heating alloy is dpendent on a number of factors, among the most important are: Recommandations on some of the important design factors are given below.


Table 1 Relative Durability The Online Industrial Exhibition.

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