Kawasaki Kaze ZX cc for sale. Only km. Never been dropped. Quick sale needed. Pimuk 1 Chiang Mai. View the full article. About 33% of these are machining. A wide variety of kawasaki kaze zx racing part options are available to you, such as broaching, drilling, and milling.

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I Pictorial Index This grid covers: B 1 Clutch I This catalog covers: Kae C-8 Oil PumpI Pictorial IndexJ Stand s I Kazr This grid covers: This ca talog covers: I Pictorial Index ”’.

Ell 2 0 Part No. Cyl inder Head Ref. Cy Ii nder Head. Valve s I Rcf. E 13 50 No. Quantity-AN 4 A. Crankcase I D ‘ Ref. Th is grid covers: Crankcase A Ref. Crankcase Part No.

Kawasaki Kaze ZX130 service manual

Frame Fittings Motor Ref. Description 4 TIRE.


Front Fork–l iaze. I I 3 5 0 6 Cowl inc Ref. Quantit -AN Jc:: F2 61 0 No. Description Spec Code f. Frame A ef. Zd130 92 92 14 3A 92 15 A Cowl in’ g I Headlight s Ref. Handlebar f 0 Ref. Freme E Ref. I IllS catalog covers: Blue B I ue C-9 Kicksta rter Mecha n i sm B-3 o eca Is B lack B6 F G-6 oecals Black C6F G-5 oecals Blue C6F. G oecals Gray C6F G oecals Green B6F. G-4 oecals Green C6 F.

G-3 oecals Silver C6F. G Engine Cover s B-4 Rear Hub B6F. B Shift Fork s PMNo This grid covers: Grid No Part No.

C-4 7 Part No Grid No. E I -I 4M. E Laze -I E- 14 I – I E- I 4 -4 I 9. E- 14 I I E- I 4 I E 4 I E-3 4 I E-3 I E-6 I E- I I I E-7 I I 9-MA. F- I 2 E -4 3 F-4 -4 3 7. E- 14 ooG M. E-3 4 I. H-3 – I 4 E. F-4 I -I 4J. F – I 3 S- I F – I 3 G- I 0 Zzx130 I I 5 ‘.

G-3 I E-6 41OS5- I F-6 -4 F-4 I F-6 S I -E3. F-4 I -E3. F-4 I 4 J. G- I 4 L C-5 I D-1O 4 I E-4 I F-6 I 4 E.


F-6 -I 4 N F-4 -4 G- I 2 Parts Index Grid No. C-3 B UG.

Kawasaki Kaze Zx Racing Part Wholesale, Kawasaki Suppliers – Alibaba

C-4 9 5. F-5 ,aze F-7 92 B- 12 92 F-3 92 C-9 C-9 -0 F 92 14 1. B- l 0 92 E-6 92