Consult Keston Boilers ‘s entire C45 C40P C55 C55P catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 88, E, Main Control Box (C55/C55P/C45). , E, Control Panel. 73, E, Combustion Blower. , Gas Valve / Venturi Ass. (C45/C55). Keston C55, tips, tricks, advice and notes. READ THE DANGERS SECTION. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is.

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Page 9 WD Chapter 1: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Leaks from the auto air vent tube Note – the picture here shows c4 NEW fan, and adaptor harness Page 33 WD Chapter 5: Page 41 WD Chapter 5: If its still working fine, keep the old board, as, when it goes again yeah I know you may be able to use the old casing with the old old board if you see what I mean.


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Related Documents The boiler will turn off when the flow temperature exceeds 10 The C45, C40P and C55 P feature an integral pump exercise function which will run the pump, without firing the boiler, for 10 seconds in the event the boiler is on standby for in excess of 24 hours without firing.

Note – max gas adjustment doesnt affect the min, but min gas adjustment affects the max. HOWEVER, if this has gone off, something major else is wrong – system empty or air lock or pump failure or overgassing – this shows a fairly major fault.


Since the units use standard 50 mm muPVC jeston for the flue and air intake systems the boiler is packed in a single box without additional flue kit. Optional Accessories Chapter 1: Fan powered high efficiency modulating condensing gas boiler 64 pages.


Domestic Propane and Butane Burning Installations To print the manual completely, please, download it. Unscrew the round bit, not the nut lower down.

Keston C45 Manuals

Get the best quotes, fast! It is therefore recommended, if in any doubt, to consider the use of sealed systems where possible.

General Instruction The Keston C45, C40P, C55 and C55P the kedton and is drained at the base of the flue connection to the heat exchanger or drain points within the flue. Safety footwear and gloves are recommended PPE when lifting this appliance.

Boiler overheat — Check that any valves to the heating circuit have not been shut down, that there is no air in the system and that the water pressure is correct. A modern boiler produces about ppm of carbon monoxide, while running normaly Honestly though, it looks good. Page 5 Safety footwear and gloves are recommended PPE when lifting this appliance. This fine example shows a lovely hole, which will be gushing out a lovely premix of gas and air, perfect for an explosion.

White deposits are fine and can be removed by running it under a tap – idealy in the direction of usual flow. The C45 and C55 boilers can be fitted in compartments with very small clearances required around the appliance refer to Section 1.

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Remove from boiler first obviously. Due consideration should therefore be given to access Open the catalog to page 9. Kestons are very forgiving when it comes to sludge Look closely at this example to see the clear silicone used to try to reseal the burner – probably a service done when kexton – never remove the fan, burner or gas valve without new gaskets ready, they cannot be reused.


Leaks from heat exchanger end caps Auto Air Vent 4. Page of 54 Go. Page 45 WD Chapter 6: It takes a bit of practice and you can end up with explosive ignition, but if you time it right the boiler can be made to run, usualy for a while – somehow the speed control improves for a little while after it manages to run once.

Fan powered high efficiency modulating domestic condensing gas kestpn boiler 72 pages. The C45 and C55 boilers can be fitted in compartments with very small clearances required around the appliance refer to Section 1.

Got it, continue to print. Don’t show me this message again. Possible heat exchanger fault.

Keston C45 Manuals

Never run this boiler with a degraded flue tube. Open the catalog to page 2. And you will have to buy an entire fan Check gas supply, gas valve operation and ignitor electrode spark generation. A trick is to pull out this wire main power to fan as it starts to fire up and let the fan slow, jabbing it back in as the fan almost stops for a second then removing it again – this lets the fan ‘rev counter’ tell the pcb all is ok and it can proceed to run.

A new fan is an expensive item – especialy considering the only fault is the speed controller Pump – very unusual for this to fail Get quotes to supply and fit a new boiler now. Physical Data WD Chapter 1: Fan powered high efficiency modulating domestic condensing gas boiler 64 pages.

Condensate Drainage WD Chapter 3: Main page About us Services Contacts.