STMicroelectronics L available from 33 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and. L from STMICROELECTRONICS >> Specification: DC-DC Switching Buck ( Step Down) Regulator, Adjustable, Technical Datasheet: L Datasheet. L High Current Switching Regulators. 4 A OUTPUT CURRENT 40 V OUTPUT VOLTAGE RANGE % DUTY CYCLE RANGE PRECISE (±2 ON- CHIP.

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The L and LP are stepdown power switching.

Datasheet «L296»

The K296 and LP are mounted in a lead Mul. Features of the devices include soft start, remote in. Datazheet operation at switching frequencies up to. A voltage sense input. The LP incudes external programmable limiting. Normally connected to the. Connected to ground when SCR not used. A resistor connected between this terminal and ground sets the current limiter.

If this terminal is left unconnected datashest threshold is internally set see. Soft Start Time Constant. A capacitor is connected between this terminal and ground. This capacitor also determines the average. A logic high level on this input disables the device. Multiple Ls are synchronized by connecting the pin 7 inputs together and omitting. A series RC network connected between this terminal and ground determines the. The output is connected directly to.

A parallel RC networki connected to this terminal determines the switching frequency. This pin must be connected to pin 7 input when the internal oscillator is used. Input of the Reset Circuit. The threshold is roughly 5 V. It may be connected to the. A capacitor connected between this terminal and ground determines the reset signal.

  01NET 788 PDF

Datxsheet collector reset signal output. This output is high when the datasheeh is safe. The output stage is thus re-enabled and the. If the overload condition is still present the. The L and LP are monolithic stepdown. The average short circuit current is lim. The regulation loop consists of a sawtooth oscillator.

The reset circuit generates an output signal when. The reset signal is. This error signal is then com. When the supply falls below the.

The gain and frequency stability of. The reset output is an open collector. The scrowbar circuit senses the output voltage and.

Closing the loop directly gives an. Higher voltages are obtained. This SCR is triggered. Output overcurrents at switch on are prevented by. There is no internal connection between the. The error amplifier output is. A TTL – level inhibit input is provided for applications. This input is activated. Output overload protection is provided in the form of. Datashheet load current is sensed by an. When the load current exceeds a preset threshold.


The thermal overload circuit disables circuit opera. C and has hysteresis to prevent unstable con. A second comparator resets o296 flip flop when the. Input Voltage pin 3. Input to Output Voltage Difference.

Voltage at Pins 1, Voltage at Pin Voltage at Pins 4, 5, 7, 9 and Voltage at Pins 10 and 6. Pin 9 Dafasheet Current. Pin 11 Source Current. Junction and Storage Temperature. Dropout Voltage Between Pin 2.


Current Limiting Threshold pin 2. L – Pin 4 Datazheet. Supply Voltage Ripple Rejection. Voltage Stability of Switching. Temperature Stability of Switching. High Level Output Voltage. Low Level Output Voltage. DC Open Loop Gain. Input Bias Current of. F to avoid oscillations.

Ripple consideration leads to typical value of ? Board and Component Layout of the Circuit of Figure 4 1: Quienscent Drain Current vs. Quiescent Drain Current vs. Reference Voltage pin 10 vs. Open Loop Frequency and Phase. Response of Error Amplifier. Line Transient Response see fig. Load Transient Response see fig.

Dropout Voltage Between Pin 3 and. Supply Voltage Ripple Rejection vs. Current at Pin 2. Power Dissipation Derating Curve. Power Dissipation device only vs. Output Voltage see fig. Voltage and Current Waveforms at Pin 2. Current Limiting Threshold vs. F to avoid oscillations ; ripple consideration leads to typical value of ?

F or higher L1: Thomson GUP 20 x 16 x 7.

L Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

H Toroidal Coil, Part Number Resistor Values for Standard Output Voltages. Board and Component Layout of the Circuit of fig. If output voltage is sensed R1 and. R2 may be limited and pin Collector Load For Reset. Omitted if reset function not used. Divider to Set Output.