La straniera: Outlander #1 (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Diana Gabaldon, V. Galassi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. La straniera. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La straniera by Diana Gabaldon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Which is in some diaba I think a direct indictment of the Scottish Highlander bodice-rippers in which everyone is shining and perfect and with awfully clean white teeth.

Jun 23, Kai rated it did not like it Shelves: But they go by so incredibly fast. You disobeyed me, your husband.

I hated some of the situations that Jamie and Claire faced and what they had to do. This was more because I don’t care for long books. Despite what the length of this novel would suggest, the plot was pretty oa.


I feel I could wax lyrical about this book forever but I fear I best wrap it up soon and head back to the world of Jamie and Claire. But as I’d said: Believe me, I raged too.

I know you’re probably thinking “how the fuck is that possible? This was my second reading of the book, and it certainly won’t be my last.

La straniera

I stick my tongue out oh so maturely at the readers of this review. A special note to gabaodon who say my review stopped them from reading this book: This is why this book is diaan a “rape-culture” book. One big, huge point of contention for me was view spoiler [ when he beats Claire after she tries to find the stone circle and instead ends up getting captured.


Again, it’s not exactly my cup of tea, but the quality of storytelling is undeniable. And also the part with Jenny playing with her breast,spilling the milk out,I straniega was to know that nipple trick,and it was awkward also. She is a nurse and her husband is a historian I believe,something like this. Should Claire get married? I’ve since ordered the sequel.

What’s wrong with you? It made me want to take a shower.

He is lighthearted and self-deprecating, never taking himself too seriously. Maybe not everyone feels the same about Claire and Jamie, but I think one gaballdon the signs of a great writer is when they can really test my love for their characters, make them do the worst kind of things and still have me angsting over whether or not they would be okay in the end. He hasn’t been BORN yet. Throw in a little wife beating, rape and repeated torture and you’ve got yourself a toned-down Marquis de Sade.

Too bad here isn’t a rating stronger than “didn’t like” because I hated this book. Och, aye, I’m a tough laddie. Jamie, some Highlander from the ‘s who knows better than to disrespect his wife: The part for everyone: This was set in the 18th century. Claire is a lucky woman.

La straniera. Outlander

Other books in this series. It was interesting seeing life back then, and how Claire, who stranieta from the 20th century, reacted to it. So I felt like I could cut her a break. If you’ve ever read a book and literally gotten so sucked in that you can’t possibly read fast enough, then you know what I’m talking about I love everyone in the Mackenzie crew.

But this was long out of mostly author self indulgence. And to be totally confusing, it’s the details that drag you down into the middle of the eighteenth century, the minor secondary plots that make you live gabldon life for awhile.


No offense to those who like 50 Shades, btw: Jul 17, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: I will allow though for the fact that Jamie apologized for the first incident and admitted equality after the second.

He exhibits both physical and mental strength, as well as a strength of character, that go above and beyond any ordinary romantic hero. Mar 19, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: She keeps half an eye out for a chance to get to the place that can take her back to the future, but it has all the deep emotional urgency that I feel when I really should stop by the grocery store on the way home but it won’t kill anybody if I go tomorrow instead.

Do NOT tell me I stranlera give this book a fair chance. I like long books and as I mentioned above, I liked the author’s attention to detail. I’m trying to pace myself while reading the next stories, as I feel the greatness in ma bones. And Jamie gets flogged for trying to defend her.

And then Claire flips out about the fact that she was just attacked, and she had to kill a guy, and stganiera had to kill a guy at close quarters with a knife. And then other scenes really added nothing at all. I was so conflicted from the position that both Claire and Jaime were put in.