Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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OktoberKOM endg. Each new road construction project should be re-examined with a view to abandoning it in favour of other technical means. Expand all Collapse all. The process has been employed with success not only in Triassic formations shell limestone and variegated sandstone but also in clay shale, Iydite, porphyry and new red conglomerate in the eastern Harz Mountains Thuringia.

Because of their tendency to generate a strong microclimate in the vicinity of the forest floor, dark materials intensify the barrier effect for small animals. Greater appreciation and experience of qualitative and quantitative repercussions have resulted in a growth in environmental-political relevance, and thus public concern of the complex of questions relating to the ecological evaluation of forestry access roads. Hydraulic chisel hammers should be used instead. It is often possible to construct roads with natural materials brought from only a short distance.

If suitable construction material cannot be extracted from the immediate vicinity by the above-described process, the following criteria should be observed when obtaining materials from external sources: In conformity with Article 6 of the Regulation The measure excludes awards of aid or requires prior notification to the Commission of awards of aid, a. If contractors are used, this stipulation should be made at the tendering stage this also applies to the following items.

OJ C 23, Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving individual aid. For the verification of quality assessment, in addition to the certificate of suitability, the seller or supplier of the material must provide the results of monitoring studies carried out by himself or by a third party.

Furthermore, it is recommended that for every truckload delivered a confirmation landesforstgewetz material characteristics and origin be required in the form of an individual delivery note signed by the driver. This increase in quality and price is accompanied by a reduction in inspection requirements and an improvement in the safety margins important for insurance purposes.


In the long-term, the so-called watch-glass arc or grader sections with varying transverse slopes, increasing gradually to percent at the perimeter, and side ditches lend themselves to low-cost motor grader maintenance with minimal ecological disturbance. Almost 18 million inhabitants live within 34 m 2. Gradients in the longitudinal section of the road should be kept at a minimum, but should be in excess of 2 percent.

Environmentally sound forest roads 1. Situated in the west of Germany, it borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. Nordrhein-Westfalen has responded to the need to conserve and restore the natural fundamental basics of life for its inhabitants by: Treaty establishing the European Community Legal basis: At the same time, construction of roads and their use for forestry as well as public access have inevitable consequences on the forest’s regenerative balance and its ecosystem.

Growing pressure on forests for recreational activities results in increased involvement of the general public and demands for a forestry road network able to handle the multiple uses of forests in a highly industrialised and densely populated country. The width of these perimeter storage areas should not exceed the Jib length of a truck-mounted crane approximately 8 m if used for longitudinal storage.

In doing so it quickly became obvious that there were numerous questions to be answered before the problems addressed could be clarified and evaluated from a legal and practical point of view. However, the fact that in many cases these roads play a significant role in enabling public access for increased recreational usage must also be taken into account.

More precise planning documents, such as earth mass calculations, are only required by the forest authorities in special instances, e.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Such materials, such as unsorted building rubble, fall under the category landesforstgeesetz waste and are not to be considered as construction material. One of Europe’s most important rivers, the Rhine, flows through Nordrhein-Westfalen and there is the highest density transportation network in the whole of Europe with 20 km of motorway. Before commencing a new construction project or comprehensive maintenance work, an appraisal should thus be made of the suitability of natural materials already available on site and the extent to which they permit the striven landesfosrtgesetz construction standards to be attained.


With the exception of small-scale private woodlands, access road networks in NRW have for the main part reached a state of completion.

Way History: | OpenStreetMap

On the other hand, forest roads have become increasingly popular with the general public for recreational purposes. Man-made grassing using indigenous seeds and plants should be considered only in the case of acute risk of erosion or if rapid natural plant coverage landesfogstgesetz extremely exposed surfaces is not to be anticipated.

As a consequence, the objective of environmentally compatible and ecologically sound forest development should be striven for recognizing and ranking the conflict of interests between forestry on the one hand and nature conservancy and ecology on the other. Proper forestry management methods whose objective is to conserve and utilize forests are linked to the existence of an adequate network of forest roads.

Suggestions and recommendations 2. Even if large expanses, ndw particular of the state-owned forest of Nordrhein-Westfalen, may be deemed to be developed adequately, from a forestry point of view there is still a need to upgrade the forest road system, especially in the case of corporate and lahdesforstgesetz woodlands.

In NRW they are available to a resident population of 18 million as well as visitors from outside the region. Within the State government of Nordrhein-Westfalen the Ministry for Environment, Regional Planning and Agriculture is also responsible for forestry, wood industry and forest ecology. Annual expenditure planned or overall amount of landesforstgesettz aid granted to the company. Economic hrw concerned NB: In both areas, projects and proposals which were evidently not optimally planned and constructed have led to public debates in the recent past, one of the main objections being the apparently inappropriate use of waste material building rubble for surfacing roads, resulting in disproportionate environmental impact.

Viennese structural improvement measures.

New road construction should be avoided altogether in “specially protected biotopes” and sensitive woodland areas.