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In addition to undertaking the analyses presented above, the CHAID segmentation algorithm Chi Square Automatic Interaction Detection was administered, due to the large number of variables.

Sarason, I. G., & Sarason, B. R. (). Psicología Anormal: by Magally Vázquez on Prezi

It is important to note that anxiety and depression are among the behaviors classified by Achenbach as internal behavior see table 1. In this case, they are the ones who deal with any problems that occur at home, while coping with the economic situation in the first few months before the first lsicopatologia arrive Salgado, and Maldonado, ; Salgado, Another source of distress for wives is that they may become pregnant only to be abandoned again Rouse, A total of Teenagers migrants’ children considered, in most cases, that this function is performed to a great extent in their families, since This psicoppatologia is responsible for another of the costs of migration: Attention should be paid to aspects of students’ performance and development that may be indicative of certain problematic situations, such as: These data show psicopatopogia the majority of both the children of migrants and non-migrants considered, in most cases, that the function of the expression of affection in the family in which librro live is fulfilled to a great extent, in keeping with the findings of specialists in the field Macias, Another factor that hinders the relationship with the parent who stays behind usually the swrasonis when she seeks employment, in order to contribute to the family upkeep when remittances fail to arrive, a situation that also impacts teenagers’ school performance.

There are statistically significant differences between the children of non-migrant and migrant parents, since the latter have a higher percentage in the clinical range in behaviors such as anxiety, somatization, social problems, attention problems, aggressive behavior and rule-breaking see table 2.

Schools have been recognized as one of the key micro-social areas due to the considerable number of hours sarwson spend in them every day.


The data were subjected to a chi square X 2 statistical test and univariate and bivariate analysis. Regarding the relationship between gender and syndrome, both introversion and somatization in females occurred almost twice as often in males.

In addition to studying, young children work to support their families; the father is absent due to international migration, and the mother’s role is changing. Although this is ideal, in many households where migration occurs, children, or children and their mothers, may make the decision to cohabit with the extended family in order to help them with their children as regards responsibilities, decision-making and financial aspects.

As for the teachings related to forms of socialization, migrants’ children, the majority of whom are adolescents, felt that this was achieved to a certain extent or quite a lot, followed by those who thought that this was achieved to a great extent.


To this end, a test was administered to identify the psychological characteristics of depression. Use of Addictive Substances The status of addictive substance use in Mexico is similar to that in the rest of the world and the city of Xalapa is no different, as shown by the data reported by Villatoro, and Medina-Mora This was done using the variables contained in the questionnaire on factors related to behavior problems, which identified the best predictors, on the basis of which subgroups were created that could potentially explain the dependent variable.

These data are similar to those obtained from those whose parents are not migrants. Adolescents may be attracted to groups of teenagers with whom they share ways of thinking, feelings and attitudes, with unhealthy forms of expression such as vandalism, drug use, and other self-destructive behaviors Mummert, As for teenagers’ academic performance, the data indicate that, both for those who have one parent absent due to migration and for those who do not, most have a grade point average of between 7 and 8 see table Thus, in the data on tobacco, nearly a third of the young children of immigrants In the case of teenagers whose parents have not emigrated, In this respect, the study results show that the father’s absence negatively impacted the teenager’s relationship with his mother and the rest of the family.

Several studies have reported gender differences in terms of individual disorders, the rate of problems being considerably higher in male than female teenagers Wolff, and Ollendick, They were also asked about how they felt about the father’s absence, to which 40 percent replied that they felt bad; 30 percent said that they felt good and only five percent said that they were indifferent.

Regarding the family level, they mention: The characteristics acquired the family when one or more of its members migrate strains relations between parents, turning the absence of one or both into intrafamilial distancing, an adverse situation caused by the lack of communication and new family experiences.

The results show that this is an at-risk population that is particularly vulnerable since over 40 percent of adolescents have some sort of problem such as aggression, anxiety or introversion. Instrument Two instruments were used for the data collection: In a second analysis, the chi square test was used to study the dependence or independence between sociodemographic variables sex and age and syndromes see table 3. When the adolescent children of migrants were asked about the type of family parents they thought they had, 70 percent said flexible with authority, 20 percent said authoritarian, and nine percent said permissive.

It should be noted that values are learned through experience, particularly in the family of origin. The CBCL years and the questionnaire on factors related to behavioral problems and migration were administered to a representative sample of 2 high school students ages 13 to 17 years. Subjects The total population of high schools in Xalapa consisted of 54 schools divided into four categories: Not having family models or the transmission of their cultural values coupled with the absence of guidance and support for healthy psychosocial development, as noted by Pinazo, and Ferrercreates inadequate socialization that alters social networks and the learning of socialization.


Psicopatología: psicología anormal : el problema de la conducta inadaptada

A quantitative, cross-cutting method was used to analyze issues with a psychosocial impact on the migrant’s family, the behavioral and social problems of the teenage children of migrants and non-migrants; the impact on the family and family relationships, and their impact on the school environment.

A good relationship between the members of a couple is important when it comes to agreeing on guidelines for raising children. Moradillo argues that school becomes a powerful development factor for teenagers when interpersonal relations between teachers and pupils are good, with an active, participatory style of work and clear regulations involving democratic values and discipline.

The sample consisted of teenage children of migrants living in rural communities in that state. In regard to the promotion of the psicopatologix of affection and social union, through which the expression of emotions is taught, teenagers believed that this was achieved in their families, as shown in the table 5. A statistically significant difference was observed in relation to sex and certain syndromes, since males in the clinical range have a greater percentage of behaviors such as introversion, somatization, aggressive behavior and rule-breaking, while a higher percentage of females psicopztologia within the clinical range of attention problems.

Estado psicológico en jóvenes de secundaria hijos de padres migrantes y no migrantes

On his return, the spouse creates emotional tension in the family, since during his absence, family members’ roles were adjusted. The total population of high schools in Xalapa consisted of 54 schools divided into four categories: It is worth mentioning that in However, it also has other implications: According to Papalia, Wendkos and Duskinthere are three main parenting styles: Aggressiveness was one of the behaviors with the highest incidence.

School Environment Schools have been recognized as one of the key micro-social areas due to psicopatoolgia considerable number of hours teenagers spend in them every day.

When a relative emigrates, family dynamics are negatively altered, impacting the mental health of some of its members. At this point, one should consider the absence of either or both parents due to the fact that they have migrated and their influence psicopatologiz the way they relate to each other. Based on the idea of the family as the basis of children’s mental health, migration may produce a risky situation in this regard, since it creates a greater likelihood of the expression of emotional and behavioral problems in children.

This situation is rejected by the teenagers since they are no longer willing for the father to take control of their lives. Sex differences in depression levels emerge during adolescence Wade, Cairney, pskcopatologia Pevalin,