Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook: “Core Adventures are RPGA Living Greyhawk scenarios that take place in the nonregional areas of the game world: . Generally, Living Greyhawk modules were password-protected. These are not. If you also want the Adventure Record files, e-mail me and I’ll. Given the “regionality” of the campaign, the Living Greyhawk campaign produced five categories of role-playing adventures.

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Robert Kuntz who contributed substantial ideas for the various encounters herein. For the best in adventure gaming products, look for the TSR logo on games, modules, and playing aids.

These limits were in place mostly for balance reasons, I understand. The attentions of a skulk are a curse to any village, but the thought of one which has gone mad is more than Kusnir can endure! County of Urnst Adventure Updates. High-Level Option Coming Soon. More Play Opportunities on the Horizon.

In Deepest Oerth Note that for each given series or type of module, there was no real intent for the scenarios to form any sort of continuous “scene-by-scene” narrative e. Get ready for some classic adventuring in the Tomb of Horrors by downloading this v.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: You must move qiuckly before the slavers recover from your previous forays and attack! Greyhwk by Mordenkainen, wizard without peer, they have come to mysterious Maure Castle, a forlorn and foreboding place, source of wonderment and awesome adventure, following a strange and terrible story. Because rulers of neighboring countries have asked you to persuade greyhask Black One to help rout that group of expatriate necromancers.

This physical certificate noted specific treasure, items, and experience gained by the participant character during play. While 1 TU was ostensibly equal to one week of game time, in fact this was simply an arbitrary number designed to limit how many adventures one character could play in a calendar year, and therefore restrict how much wealth and power a single character could accumulate in a single year.


You seek to fathom the unexplored reaches of Bone Hill and unlock the mysteries of Restenford. Email required Address never made public.

Because of the way experience points gains worked out, you could only play three intro modules with a single character before he hit second level, which sometimes resulted in more active players having several second-level characters with three intro modules each.

A party of bold adventurers must answer these questions or the people of Saltmarsh will never live in peace! If done regularly, this would halve the number of adventures this character could play each year. But, without further ado… fourteen great modules that kept us entertained and coming back for more for four years. Views Read Edit View history. Gold Above the Cap. AustraliaNew Zealand October until end of campaign: This module will have important effects on future plotlines.

By midmorning of the next day, you were well on your way to Garrotten. In return, the real-world location was the only place where one could play adventures belonging to that region.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! They tried a coup, failed, and came to the Vale of the Mage to hide – and, presumably, to regroup and ally with the Black One. Stuff that was easy for the beginners, without difficult fights relying on equipment that a starting character would not have, and so forth. Only novice adventurers who have come to try their hand at dungeon delving in this traditional training spot stand in their way. This article needs additional citations for verification.

In the third year of his ascendancy, Burgred, King of the Mara, refused the tribute of heads the Whispered One demanded. The module code fluctuated from ESA to TSS and back again, dependent on the phase of the moon on the first Tuesday of the month, or something. The village of Orlane is dying.

Living Greyhawk

ADP – Living Greyhawk Greyhask Adventures Adapt livlng Scenarios featured a rather generic setting and were intended to be “adapted” for play in differing regions this adaptation was intended to be performed by the regional organizers.


Splintered Suns and Scarlet Signs — Metaregional Modules These metaregional modules were playable all over Europe, during the campaign.

However to promote an esprit de corps within each region, Living Greyhawk rules made it more costly in terms of Time Units for a character to participate in adventures outside of its “home region”. RPGA already knew from their experience with Living City that an adventure in a shared campaign had to be run the same way by every DM, in order to be equitable for all players.

Complete Living Greyhawk Archives

livin Especially southern Ahlissa saw action in the metaregionals, as did the Solnor Compact and Medegia. Anyway, this is a pretty nifty module, where the forest environment comes through nicely and really matters. Start of campaign until Feb Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A Sudden Turn of Events. Outcomes On Bright Sands. Whispers in the Wind. In the bigger picture, it ties together some plotlines and sets the stage for some others, but there is no big plot payoff.

Aaaanyway… Return to Gefjon is a bit of a ilving, and there are several directions the PCs can go and many solutions to the problems — some of them quite unexpected. TSR Richard W.

Living Greyhawk Adventure Series | Family | RPGGeek

Due to the workload, some metaregions also added a metaregional coordinator volunteer to assist with metaregional storylines and adventures.

South Africa until end of campaign: But wait – something else lurks here that threatens adventurers at every turn. These adventures counted as Core adventures, although they had not been published by the Circle. This provided a level of storyline that fell between the strictly local interests of regional adventures and the continent-wide story arcs of “core” adventures. A Year of Change”.