Results 1 – 22 of 22 Lost Star of Myth and Time by Cruttenden, Walter and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Written by Walter Cruttenden, Audiobook narrated by Rhys David. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this. The precession of the equinox is observed as the stars moving across the sky at the rate of about 50 arc Walter Cruttenden. Lost Star of Myth and Time.

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If one day proved to be true this will be an amazing understanding to the rise and fall of civilization.

Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden, A Reader’s Journal Review by Bobby Matherne

Ancient cultures around cruttenfen world spoke of a vast cycle of time with alternating dark and golden ages; Plato called it the Great Year. The well-known and acclaimed work of Dr.

Popular Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the amazing world of ancient technology, from computers in antiquity to the flying machines of the gods. Fingerprints of the Gods is the revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of listeners throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society.

Carlo Rovelli Narrated by: Former US naval intelligence briefing team member Bill Cooper reveals classified information kept in secret government files since the s. It has led them to speculate that a massive 9th Planet cruttendden somewhere beyond the known planets. The priest sometimes allowed traveling young people like me to stay a couple of days in exchange… Read More.

Has the whole of mankind unknowlingly suffered a similar dissonance? Academic research is a loat force behind innovation in science, technology, and culture.

Surely, it is obvious that God is a God of order, and that patterns exist in infinitesimally smaller units as well as in infinitely larger units, both in time and space. Lists with This Book. Click here to download full length paper. A stunning synthesis of hidden science and lost prophecies, The Source Field Investigations exposes many great wlter Profoundly important, and an enjoyable listen!


Lost Star of Myth and Time

The main idea of this book is that we have a Binary star system a dual star and the 24, year cycle of precession is actually one orbit around this potential dark companion star. Sep 08, Eric Bradford rated it really liked it. Everything in universe cruttenren effect on us and we have effect on everything in this connected universe.

These double stars are more massive than our Sun and can fit losh a small city. More fascinatingly, the author proposes a mind-boggling paradigm shift when considering patterns in the cosmos that may affect patterns of time. Ever since the Voyager 2 data confirmed the crutenden shape of the solar system scientists have pondered its cause i. Be the first to ask a question about Lost Star of Myth and Time. Does Solar System Motion Matter?

When the two stars are closer together, human civilization becomes more sophisticated.

The precession of the equinox

The astronomical community has discovered that something massive is tugging on our solar system and the stage is set for discovering the motion that moves us through high ages of enlightenment and into lower ages of darkness – a similar darkness that psychology investigates with amnesia patients suffering anxiety from not knowing of their past – a past that we too, have forgotten.

To better understand the physics behind the concept, we need look no farther than the diurnal and annual motions of the earth. The author asserts that Earth is part of a binary star system, and that the two stars have a cycle of 24, years.

David Hatcher Childress Narrated by: The precession of the equinox is observed as the stars moving across the sky at the rate of about crutrenden arc seconds per year, relative to the equinox. Milton William Cooper Length: A must have for readers who are interested in Ancient History and Astronomy.


Just because it has not yet been found, does not mean that it does not exist.

He was the father of the occult, the founder of astrology, the discoverer of alchemy. Conventional theory holds that this wwlter is due to the gravity of the sun and moon acting upon the oblate spheroid of the earth causing the axis to wobble the lunisolar theory. Cooper tells of the assassination of John F.

More from the same Narrator Dark Psychology: Jan 13, Jayke rated it really liked it. Childress looks at the technology that was allegedly used in Atlantis and the theory that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station. waltef

Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden

An intellectual detective story, this unique history audiobook directs probing questions at orthodox history, presenting disturbing new evidence that historians have tried – but failed cruttneden to explain. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Astronomers Discover Impossible Binary Systems. Staf experts, Marrs cuts through the wild speculation and the attempts to silence critical thinkers to tell the true story of this secret cabal.

Weaving subjects of science, mythology and religion, he reveals how ancient cultures possessed knowledge that still baffles the sharpest minds of today. Most astronomers think precession, which tracks backward through the constellations of the zodiac at about years per sign, is caused by the slow wobble of….

History moves in cycles with alternating Golden and Dark Ages, and the slow movement of the stars across the sky, the Precession of the Equinox, is the cause and timekeeper of these cycles.