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Save the date, octoberand apply now! MAD gifts for attendees. The deadline is March 23, ! Save money on shipping fees!

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Lekpard will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects in architectural spaces and objects and also its application in artistic and creative practice.

This is our October MadGram Highlight! You need to run At least OS X This one-day workshop with Mike Latona is designed as a playground around projection mapping.

The participants will be able to explore new techniques of projection mapping thanks to the skills of Mike Latona, a belgian digital artist mastering projection mapping.

Place Mupo Oaxaca Av. In this intensive workshop we introduce projection mapping. We will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects in architectural spaces and objects and also its application in artistic and creative work. This workshop is for visual artists, graphic designers, architects and anybody interested.

This event it starts up at 19h Update now for your upcoming project! Madmapper now supports Art-Net 3 universes. Who wants to make projection mapping during the DIY-media-arts-playground-of-idea-festival the Schmiede?

It starts on September 10th and imprescinfible on September 20th in Austria. They are an inspiration Also giving talk on September 12th 8: Lleopard program of lepard whole event can be found here: This festival is an outstandingly beautiful interactive show and one of the imprescinduble spectacular events in the world take a place on Oct Mwnual the help of the most advanced 2D and 3D graphic technologies, special illumination, interactive solutions, architectural lighting and artistic installations, talented artists alter the look of the city beyond recognition.

Looking forward to hearing from you. We love to see your magic with your favorite software, MadMapper 2. Upgrade is free for all users who purchased the software in ! If you purchased before the price is 69 EURO excl.


Contact Support

For multiple computers upgrade plan, please log onto https: New users can purchase MadMapper 2. You can download his manhal vj package, Genesis Easy to use, small and inexpensive for your future installations.

No need to buy additional costly Apple computers!! You can adjust video mapping points, picture and play different media with a single finger! MadMapper has been updated to version 1. Registered Users can download it from the yourspace page. We would like to thank all MadMapper Beta testers and users who contributed to this release. The Standard Deauthorization process remains within the MadMapper software.

You can deauthorize MadMapper as follows:. You will have then a window asking your admin password from your computer, if you do not have a password then click Imprescndible.

The deauthorisation will finish and a new window will appear on MadMapper: MadMapper has been update to version 1. If you are a registered user you can download it from the yourspace page: UVs not initialized correctly when recalling a preset where a surface UVs are outside the input rect http: Registred Users can also access to the MadMapper 1. Registred users can download the latest version from the yourspace page: Nsow if we are using an intel card and if so use 0x to convert for float to int within the shader.

Otherwise use 0xFFFF as before. Crash when reloading projects with surfaces with empty names Fix: Badly interaction between Surfaces, Fixtures and Syphon Fix: Scanning for Enttec Pro devices on usb-serial ports could be problematic with some strange USB-serial hardware connected only retry opening failed ports when opening preferences dialog. Fixture params control luminosity widget was not linked and increased slider count.

The Full release note is available at: Only 3 days left to register to the mapping festival workshops https: Send an e-mail to workshops[at]mappingfestival. Monday, April 7th, This max will offer a full range of practical applications on LED and video mapping using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and architecture.

Participants will design wearable LED costumes, unveiled at the end of the workshop. Check the trailer here: A workshop focused on learning projection mapping, aims to create a site specific installation through collaborative work. Intended for video artists wishing to deepen their knowledge of actual mapping softwares, image creation and production of xx installations.

For three days this workshop will offer a full range of tools for module programming using Modul8, a software from GarageCube.

How to set up a scenography in the Zoo club. Participants will go through all stages, designing, building and operating the scenography. MadMapper Beta 4 build is now available for all registered MadMapper users. You can download it logging on the yourspace page https: In this release Control list has been improved and bugs has been fixed.


We are glad to announce a Winter Holiday Sale: You can submit your project filling this form: Today we released MadMapper version 1. This was a long-awaited feature, requested by many users. It includes support for bit midi, with feedback. We leooard added the ability to filter incoming values. Please do not use this beta in production. GarageCube and Architecture teams. This version is mainly bugfix-oriented and should be super stable. We corrected most of the bugs we received through the support and our new in-app report system, thanks to all the users who contributed in the process.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard – Apple

There are only 12 seats per location so you must register and do so very soon! See their website for exact dates. Requirements — Mac OS X based computer running Recommended — Working knowledge of VJ, graphics and video creation software. And if you have any specific questions about the workshops please contact them directly using the following email address:.

Today we announce the release of MadMapper version 1. The upgrade is free to all existing users. Hi, today we are super-happy to release MadMApper 1.

This beta leopadd available to all registered users.

You can now have an unlimited number of projectors attached to MadMapper, as much as your computer can handle. In our test labs we managed to drive up to 7 projectors from a single MacBook Pro retina. And 10 from a Mac Pro.

The overall performance of such systems depends on the hardware impfescindible, projector resolution and type of content. Works nicely with any Quicktime-compatible device, such as a BlackMagic card or a simple iSight. Please test this version and comeback to us with a comment or a bug report. It contains the following modifications: This is an advanced video mapping and fulldome workshop where professional workflows and production techniques are shown in depth.

Advanced resources of Mad Mapper: Stacking, Curved surfaces, mesh, masks ox Kino Krokodil, Greifenhagener Str. Fotos de cursos anteriores http: Ordenadorescontroladores Midi y OSC, demos de programas. Uso de Dual y Triple Head. Mesa y cajas de sonido autoamplificadas.