Giovanni Maciocia. likes · 5 Part of the proceeds will go towards funding Giovanni Maciocia scholarships at acupuncture and herbal colleges globally. Online Continuing Education for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. All courses are registered to provide CEUs from California. One of the most highly-regarded and respected authors and lecturers in the West, Giovanni Maciocia, illuminates and examines the art of traditional Chinese.

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There are three types of influenza virus, A, B and C. While firmly rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Giovanni’s ideas are often innovative as the theories of Chinese medicine need to be adapted to Western conditions and new Western diseases.

Yang Wei Mai and the Necessity of Change. Another connection between the Heart and eyes is that the Heart Luo channel goes to the eyes. Aversion to cold is caused by the maciocis of the space between skin and muscles by exterior Wind: A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists.

Shen used to say that, when a person is very sad but does not cry, fluids do not come out in the form of tears and this may injure the Kidneys. Upper and lower respiratory tract infections are common and subsequent invasion of the lungs by bacteria may result in the development of pneumonia. A Way to Treat “Phantom” Pain. The Su Wen says that Wind may be the cause of ” diseases”. Strong pathogenic factor and strong Zheng Qi: At the exterior level, the internal organs are not affected and it is only the Lung’s Wei Qi portion which is involved.

He is well known for his rigorous and meticulous style combining a thorough knowledge of Chinese medicine with years clinical experience. In particular, it is the symptoms of shivering and feeling cold that indicate that the pathogenic factor is on the Exterior: This stage of development in the pathology of these diseases is crucial as, if the pathogenic factor is not cleared, it may either penetrate more deeply and cause serious problems at the Ying or Blood Level or give rise to residual Heat which is often the cause of chronic post-viral fatigue syndrome.


This is also the reason why, in children, invasions of Wind-Heat are far more prevalent than Wind-Cold: He was a great friend. Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome entirely from scratch as this, being a new disease, did not exist in the Chinese literature.

Giovanni Maciocia is a world-renowned expert and practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Inand he attended three postgraduate courses in acupuncture in China at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the duration of three months each, gaining invaluable knowledge and clinical experience.

Differentiating Qi Under the Needle. This is due to prevailing conditions of a place, i.

In the past included many different conditions e. Author Giovanni Maciocia has written seven major textbooks of Chinese medicine that have become required texts by many colleges of Chinese medicine all over the world.

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He also formulated a theory on the aetiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of M. Our families enjoyed spending time together both at his home in California and mine in Massachusetts. Indeed, the presence of maculae under the skin always indicate that the Heat has reached the Blood level and the situation is potentially serious.

Along with these skills, he had a keen intuitive sense of his patients’ conditions and needs.

Maciocia, Giovanni | Pacific College

In other words our constitution depends not only on the Jing of the Kidneys but also on the Shen of the Heart. The initial site of infection is the jaciocia of the respiratory tract, and the infection has a short incubation period of up to five days. Influenza A viruses are found in humans and animals, whereas B and C are found only in human beings.

Low to High Price: In Exterior patterns, the aversion to cold and cold feeling is due to the external Wind obstructing the space between skin and muscles where the Wei Qi circulates; as Wei Qi warms the muscles, its obstruction by Wind causes the patient to feel cold and shiver aacupuncture if the pathogenic factor is Wind-Heat. The fourth point highlighted by this chapter is that tears are a fluid derived from the Kidneys.


The dosage for an adult is at least 9 tablets per day. Get Updates and Free Clinical Tips! Get to Know Us. Why does Chinese medicine attribute such importance to external diseases from Wind?

Maciocia, Giovanni

When the symptoms of maciociia and feeling cold occurs simultaneously with the objective sign of the patient’s body feeling hot to the touch or having an actual feverit indicates an acute invasion of external Wind and it denotes that the pathogenic factor is still on the Exterior.

At this level, Heat is obstructing the Mind and the Pericardium causing delirium and even coma. In the elderly, exterior Wind may easily penetrate the Interior causing bronchitis and pneumonia which is often fatal in old age.

In the patients we see, the Lungs are most commonly affected and the patterns are usually Lung-Heat or Phlegm-Heat in the Lungs. Continuing Education CEU www. The first stage, Tai Yang, is the only Exterior one. Although this classic does also discuss invasions of Acupunctufe and their treatment, a comprehensive theory of exterior diseases from Wind-Heat was not developed until the late s by the School of Warm Diseases Wen Bing.

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For the Heart and Kidneys: The Practice of Chinese Medicine: In conclusion, a feeling of cold in exterior invasions is due to the obstruction of Wei Qi in the space between skin acupuncure muscles and it indicates that the pathogenic factor is on the Exterior: Heat is affecting the Blood causing bleeding. Giovanni Maciocia is a respected guide in this transition period of East Acupunncture medicine to the western arena. At the Ying Level, the Heat has penetrated to a deeper energetic layer and it has begun to injure the Yin.

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