Madhu Khanna – Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. 4 2 MADHU KHANNA Yantra and Cakra in Tantric Meditation Ś āktism is best defined as a “doctrine of power or energy” personified in female form, centered on. Yantra by Madhu Khanna – The first comprehensive study of the Indian power symbol that allows the individual to take a journey to the primordial center of life •. .

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We not only perceive the yantra being ‘of Kali, but ‘understand’ it as being one with the spirit of the goddess. Paperbackpages. In the course of meditation, the diagram is understood in the reverse order of involution, mov- ing inward circuit after circuit.

Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity by Madhu Khanna

The adept looks upon himself as an extension of divine consciousness expressing the fundamental unity of creation. Wendy rated it it was amazing Oct 28, The noose that the goddess holds in her lower right hand embodies the gross form of desire.

Although in the abstract this is the immutable principle on which the space yantrw of yantras functions, mavhu the level of human experience we are led to locate the sacred by creating spatial divisions.

According to the text, the universe, the macrocosm, and the microcosm are integrally related. Laura rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Garg Trust, New Delhi.

The first part of the commentary describes the meta significance of internal worship. From the gates that are his own subconscious forces, the yogi has passed through the circuits to be reunited with the permanent element of the universe. Its symbol is a lotus of ten petals. Image courtesy of Madhu Khanna.


The truth of the cosmos, illuminated in the yantra, is the devotee himself illumined, and his body itself becomes the yantra.

Bill Hegeman rated it really liked it Jul 13, The cakra of the subtle body corresponding to the circuits of the yantra. Without it, the primordial substance whose abode is the whole universe would remain without support. Meditation without Visual Aids Meditation on mzdhu yantra takes the more subtle and advanced form when it con- sists of inner illumination, a method of meditation without any yogic, ritual, or visual aids.

Anya rated it it was amazing Sep 12, The wall or fence or ‘magic circle’- whatever form the enclosure takes – stands between the visible and the invisible and recalls the ritual separation of two distinct realities; the one that is sacred in which the divinity manifests itself and the other that is yntra, the realm of mundane existence. His life, like the cosmos, is bound by a purpose; his biologi- cal rhythms are tuned by planetary phenomena.

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Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity

See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For us space is essentially quantitative; we understand it in terms of dimension, volume and distance. Frank Harris rated it it was yantraa Oct 04, For the adept who uses yantras in yogic meditation, on the other hand, space enclosed khwnna the bounded figure is purely qualitative; space is absolute void and unity is a ‘sacrament’ by means of which he communicates with a force that stands for life itself.

Our bodies are the locus of our sense experiences, our likes and dislikes, and our emotions, feel- ings, and responses. So the spaces within a yantra, however minute, can be symbolically brought to ‘presence’ and expressed as being as immense as the spaces within the solar system. The yantra is composed of two sets of triangles: I feel that it has all the information that I need to know.


I flip through it looking for familiar shapes and then close it. This is demonstrated in the opening lines of the text in which the nine exits of the body i. It is contemplated in absolute silence: This is a revised edition of a primary source in Sanskrit on the ritual practice of the Ten Mahavidya Goddesses.

The contemplative ritual consists in touching specific spots on the body to infuse it with the energies of the deities who represent all of the symbolic categories de- scribed above.

Who knows the heavens, the earth, the wide air between them? This cakra is the seat of the air element, and is a prime revealer of cosmic sound during meditation.

Marc rated it it was amazing Jul 14, In our ordinary perceptions we view space as an amorphous entity which is related to us in units of yantrw. Kalpatharu Research Academy, In most, if not all, yantras for meditation, the progressive stages from mate- rial or gross levels are symbolized by square enclosures with four gates yantga out to the four directions, while the highest stage of perfection is identified with the bindu in the center.

French edition by Seuil, Paris, Price may vary by retailer. The yantra is an archetypal unit, and in the making of every new yantra the archetypal activity and the divine revelations repeat themselves.

I ask thee of the earth’s extremest limit, where is the centre of yanta world, I ask thee?

The Secret of the Three Cities: