Lost and Found: The Boy Who Played Swami in ‘Malgudi Days’ Manjunath with RK Laxman (L); scene from Swami and Friends (Photo. This page guide for “Swami and Friends” by RK Narayan includes detailed The arrival of Rajam, who is the son of Malgudi’s new police superintendent. Swami And Friends By R. K. Narayan Online. I enjoyed reading this book after reading this book, I bought “Malgudi days” and “The guide” of the great story .

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Malgudi Days (TV series) – Wikipedia

Adys is portrayed as a very kind person. It is hard to top the popularity of show of such importance! He does not care to bully anyone coming in his path.

Retrieved from ” https: In fact, he is also known for sleeping bravely in the class. Besides, he likes his history teacher, Pillai. Moreover, he also called Krishna as the Arch Scoundrel as he stole butter and danced with girls.

Vaidyanathan composed the score. Retrieved 31 August Swami was an irresponsible kid.

Episode List

He is tagged as the hero of his class. He wanted to settle the enmity with Mani and this signify the nobility Rajam has got with him.


The protagonist of the story is a year-old boy. His family comprises of his grandmother, mother, father, and mother.

Today, it has become a real place in India. He was scolded frequently by his father for not studying for his exams. He scourges Swami for doing arithmetic sums wrong. Not only Mani but most of the students in the class disliked him.

He likes bullying his juniors and also some his classmates. Unlike before she spent most of her time spinning, feeding the sparrows which falls on the garden and since she was a religious person she kept herself busy with praying. Retrieved from ” https: Everyone can relate R. It has been 30 years since it was first introduced but we still cannot stop the hit of nostalgia everytime we think of it.

Terms Of Use Privacy Policy. Inthe project was revived with filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh replacing Shankar Nag as director. Greene arranged the details of the contract and remained closely involved until the frienrs was published. Its such a wonderful novel tat everybody is facing. Narayan —English language novelist from India. While shaking off the dust from his books, the way he banged the books shows his exasperation. He also invited them to his home which played a vital role in suppressing the enmity.

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Swami had a lot of friends but he limited himself to Rajam and Mani. After completing their examinations Swami and his swaml go to the Malgudi fort for an adventure. During the enmity, Swami acted as a middleman in delivering the pieces of chats to each other. On being told by his father to put the throw out the spider from his book self he keeps it in his pocket. Even though he is not a sincere or profound guy Swami liked staying with him.

Swami and Friends – Wikipedia

He does that to shows his anger against his father as he is incapable of telling back anything to his father. His character is a kid in the fullest feeling of the world. Swami and Rajat were not in good terms earlier but after their friendship, Rajat tried his best possible way to assist Swami swxmi all the fields.