Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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These are mostly names of constellations, or stars.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

Women were scarce at the time, and a plurality of husbands was very common. He became a high-ranking officer of the society, but resigned in amid a scandal. Those who individualised in the fifth Round by vanity were born for the most part into city populations, and life after life they tended to drift together by similarity of tastes and contempt for others, even though their dominating idiosyncrasy of vanity led to much quarrelling and often-repeated ruptures among themselves.

Some tried to push out in a direction which attracted them, and were frustrated and be- came vaguely resentful; one, forming part of a Deva, was observed to be thus hindered, since the Deva was naturally arranging things to suit him- self, and not any constituents of his body. The seven Schemes are shown in Diagram I, around the central sun and at any one period of time only one of the rings in each Scheme will be active ; each ring of each of these seven Schemes is composed of seven globes; these are not figured separately but form what we here have drawn as a ring, in order whitber save space.

From the latter part of the third Chain and onwards, we traced humanity’ s story by following a group of individuals, except where this group was otherwise occupied during any important stage of evolution– as in the beginnings of the third and fourth sub-races of the fifth Root-Race; when that was the anr we left it, and followed the main stream of progress.

Nityananda drawn from the lists in the book. And what is his future destiny? They will be in the circle corresponding to the grey-brown circle with its plume in the first Chain of the present Diagram.

Most of the animals went off to the Inter-Chain Nirvana– a regular Noah’ s Ark; a few, who were capable of becoming Animal-men, were taken on to the later globes. The kingdoms overlap, and a really nice animal may be a more agreeable companion than some human beings.

Diagram III should be first studied; it is merely a simplification of Diagram IV 2which is a copy of one drawn by a Master; this though at first sight somewhat bewildering will be found very illumina- tive when understood.

It is touching to see his dumb fidelity to his mistress; his eyes follow her everywhere as she moves about; the child Surya nurses him tenderly, and his monkey abd, Al- cyone and Mizar, hang round him; gradually his intelligence, fed by love, grows stronger, until the lower mind, reaching up, draws down response from the higher, and the causal body flashes into fteing, shortly before his death. As said, the groups which left the Chain from globes A, B and C, were small in number, the mass of the population on each globe passing on to the next in the usual way.

Leadveater the time of the fourth human race on this globe D they became domesticated, act- ‘The official titles of the Heads the King and the Priest, the Ruler and the Teacher of a Root Race.

From the higher stand- point, a stage had been reached beyond which these savages were incapable of advancing on the Moon Chain, bodies suitable to their low stage of evolu- tion being no longer available. Some of the hu- manity of the Moon succeeded in going beyond leadbsater Arhat Initiation, and their superiors were evidently from a humanity which had reached a far higher stage.


Now the Master D. Fernanda Pena marked it as to-read Jan 28, Germain of the eighteenth century. We noticed especially two of the ship-loads, be- 66 MAN: Insect life was voluminous and gigantic, and served largely as food to the carnivorous trees. In the next grade, in the thought-forms resembling what we should now call metals, the sense of pressure is stronger and the resistance to it a little more definite; there is almost an effort to push outwards against it, a reaction causing expansion.

The great Official who has charge of the globe has not been able to evolve some of the people in the way He desired– has, in fact, found some of the human material too rigid for further evolution, and so He ships it off when the life of the globe is over.

The method whiyher individualisation comes in only as a cause of subdivision within the group, and affects the length of the interval between death and rebirth, but does not affect the characteristic of serviceableness.

The Root-Stock and its descent into India. The young humanity here lived in close contact with the Leadbrater Ones, who still dominated the evolutionary field, and the Form- Angels and the Desire- Angels Rupa Devas and Kama Devas strongly, but for the most part unintentionally, influenced human evolution.

This is not more difficult to follow than the technical terminology of every science, or than other cosmic descriptions, as in astronomy, and a little attention will easily enable the student to master it. The globes are shown in the next Diagram. It was from These that an order reached the Ruler of the city– which was the capital of a large Empire– for the extermination of the savages of the mainland coasts; the expedition was led by Viraj– who looked much like a North American Indian– with Mars under him, and was an overwhelming force.

The foremost from the second Chain vegetable kingdom entered the Moon Chain Animal Kingdom as mammals, in its fourth Eound, not passing through the infusoria and lower animal types fishes and reptiles; the rest came in, in its first Round, as animals of the lower types.

Man: Whence, How and Whither, a Record of Clairvoyant Investigation – Wikipedia

Now the Master Hilar- ion. When the mind has been thus strengthened to a certain point in contact with man, albeit along most un- desirable lines, individualisation results; in one case we observed that a creature’s mate was killed f and there was a great rush of hatred and passionate 38 MAN: A constantly growing minority, however, of fairly intelligent people believe clairvoyance to be a fact, and regard it as a perfectly natural power, which will become universal in the c from the FOREWORD: As a history cannot be written without names, and as mncarnatipQjs a fact and therefore the re- appearance of the same individual throughout suc- ceeding ages is also a fact, the individual playing many parts under many names we have given names to many individuals by which they may be recognised throughout the dramas in which they take part.

Globe A of the terrene Chain began to form as the lifewave left globe A of the lunar Chain. An important principle may here be mentioned; each of the seven sub-planes which make up a plane is again divided into seven ; hence a body, while con- taining matter of all the sub-planes in its constitu- tion, will show activity only in the subdivisions cor- responding to the number of the Chains or Bounds 28 MAN: Proofs of its general accuracy obviously cannot be given, though from time to time discoveries may be made which confirm an occasional statement.

A continuous stream would break them into pieces, so it plays on them and stops, and they doze on for per- haps a million years, slowly assimilating it; and then another stream plays on them, and so on and on, for millions upon millions of years. The Seed-Manu of the Moon Chain appeared to have a vast plan, according to which he grouped the Moon-creatures, dividing them, after their last deaths, into classes, and sub-classes, and sub-sub- classes, in a quite definite way, apparently by some kind of magnetisation ; this set up particular rates of vibration, and the people who could work best at one such rate were grouped together, and those who worked best at another rate were similarly grouped, 56 MAN: In this record comparatively few details as to persons can be given, the sweep of the story being so large.


Then 3 a huge group of very good people but people who have no wish to serve, and are not therefore yet turned towards the Path, and who will form the bulk of the population of Atlantis during its good period. Such examples of it as we occasionally see taking place round us at the present time will serve as instances for us. Giovanni Orlando is currently reading it Feb 20, Meanwhile we will consider globes A, B and C.

Great surging clouds of matter, splendid in colour, were a noticeable feature on globe D in the first Round; they became in the following Round denser, more brilliantly coloured, more responsive to vibrations which shaped them into forms, whether vegetable or animal it is hard to say.

As only those were em- bodied on them who had passed over the critical period, the ‘Day of Judgment’ on the Moon Chain, there were no hopeless laggards to be a clog on evolution, and growth was steady and more rapid than before. The Second sub-race, the Arabian.

From globe C went off whitger small number who had reached the Arhat level, who had developed to a lofty point both intellect and emotion, and who needed no further evolution on the Moon Chain; they therefore left it by any one of the usual seven Paths. Living creatures are like parasites on the surface of the Spirit of the earth, and he does not concern himself with them, and is probably not normally conscious of their existence, though he may feel them slightly when they make very deep mines.

Among the islanders at this same time we find Sirius, and also Alcyone and Mizar; there do not seem to be any special relationships life is com- munal, and people live promiscuously ‘beyond those which are formed by personal attractions in any one life. An immense number of whiher domes are joined together at the lower edge, and make a kind of community city, a hwither, with again a circular terrace above its inner edge.

We noted also the Master Jupiter rmong those who entered the Path on globe G. In the chapter VII the authors describe in detail [note 11] a remarkable Wehnce. When the period leadbeaher for this final departure from each globe, such of its inhabitants as are capable of further evolution on the Chain pass on, as in earlier Rounds, to the next globe; while the others, for whom the conditions of the later globes are unsuitable, leave the Chain altogether when they leave the globe, leadveater remain in a state hereafter to be described, awaiting re-embodiment on the next Chain.

Only in the first chain we noticed no failures dropping out of its evolution.